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"My name is Tom Kraemer.  I created the picture of the girl above on a computer.  She does not actually exist, or so it would seem.  Since creating the picture, I have fallen in love with the girl in the image.  Perhaps this doesn't make sense to you, but I believe I have created the image of my Soul Mate. She is, you might say, my 'dream girl'.  I know this might sound strange, but I have to find the girl who matches this image.
I know my dream girl, my Soul Mate,  is out there somewhere.  Have you seen her?  Do you know her?  PLEASE have her contact me via e-mail.  My happiness depends on it. Thank you.

"Who is she? She's an 'ordinary' girl - to you - but to me she's beautiful... in heart and in spirit. She's waiting for me to find her.

"Who am I?  I am an ordinary guy.  I'm 41 and I've been divorced for about a year now.  I never thought I'd be doing something like this.  I don't even know much about computers.  I borrowed a computer and a program called SuperGoo from my friend Bob as a way to find a hobby for myself.  After playing with it for a while, I created the picture above.  If anyone had told me that I'd be falling in love with a picture I created on a computer, I would have said they were crazy, but that's what's happened. Now I must find her."

Help out by getting a Toms's Girl T-Shirt, mug, or hat. You can do your part to change the world.


Note:  The operator of Cranky Media Guy is NOT the person seeking this woman.  Tom Kraemer is a friend of mine and former coworker in the broadcast industry. I am helping him find the woman of his dreams. Email sent to the above address is forwarded to him.


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